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Frugeo Geography Research Initiative

Frugeo Geography Research Initiative, Registered in England and Wales as Frugeo GRI Limited

Company number: 09646391 // Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England / United Kingdom

General Enquires: +447971704928 (Laszlo Bokor)

E-mail: info@frugeo.co.uk // global@frugeo.science

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Frugeo Geography Research Initiative

www.frugeo.science ● www.frugeo.co.uk

FRUGEO GEOGRAPHY RESEARCH INITIATIVE (Frugeo GRI Limited) is a friendly and down-to-earth education and research venture that specialises in Earth and Environmental Sciences. It was established in Wolverhampton (England, UK) on the 20th November 2011 by Laszlo Bokor. Today, Frugeo’s principal aim is to form Laszlo’s freelance research endeavours.

Frugeo GRI is a non-profit venture. Its profit remains in the business which is then chandelled to support our own research, the preparation and publishing of our papers, journals and books, environmental activities organised mostly for children, fieldwork and our technical and technological background. We make money through donations and we also utilise our skills and offer certain types of services. Frugeo currently offers a wide range of expedient services focusing mainly on home tuition, personal education, research and survey assistance, technical editing and writing, design, and also publishing.

→ We are qualified and experienced teachers and have met a diverse range of people with variable needs. We can help pupils and students learning geography, geology and environmental sciences. We can help you understand the principal connections between Physical and Human Geography. We can teach you methods to synthesise the different fields. We can help you to improve your geographical thinking and find the right path to a competitive, comprehensive and practicable knowledge about the World.

→ We are professional researchers and we can help you understand the concepts of academic writing and scientific research. We can help you with your research, we can proofread and edit manuscripts, perform technical editing that is required for works to become a properly designed home assessment, dissertation or a published book.

→ We also offer comprehensive book publishing services.

→ We can design presentation and outline maps, charts and book covers to make your work outstanding.

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