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The Team of Frugeo Geography Research Initiative

László Bokor


Laszlo Bokor, MSc, PhD aspirant

 ~ Managing director/Office holder, researcher, series editor, tutor, designer


I am a professional geography researcher specialised in regional geography and urban sciences. I have gained my knowledge and expertise from universities across Europe (Pécs, Wolverhampton, Maribor, Zagreb, Ljubljana, and Birmingham). I am currently a PhD Aspirant at the University of Pécs, Hungary.

I have been mainly researching in the field ‘geography of energy’, but my interests link my specification to other scientific disciplines such as sustainability, environmental sciences, and landscape geography, and I am able to perform and combine various geographical fields.

During my years as a PhD Student, I was given the chance to gain experience as a lecturer; teaching subjects which included: renewable energy resources and world regional geography. In 2015, I officially became a teacher after successfully completing my PGCE at the Birmingham City University in England.

As a teacher I have also gained experience in a prison setting teaching mathematics to a wide age range and ability of students and different learning levels, whilst I have been able to use the knowledge that I obtained from the course in practice.

Besides having published a number of articles and books, I am the founder and series editor of Frugeo’s journal called Geographical Locality Studies.   

Among others, I am a registered member of the Hungarian Geographical Society (MFT), and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL).

Katie Eccleston


Katie Eccleston, MA

 ~ Fine artist, film maker, tutor, researcher


I am a freelance documentary film maker living and working in Shropshire. I obtained both my BA (Hons) and Masters in Fine Art, specialising in documentary film at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design - The School of Art - BCU, England.

My film work looks into the documentation of traditional crafts, how craft is perceived by society stereotypically and personally. Through film I hope to educate the viewer on the importance of the handmade in today's technology driven world. My theory work is based on the tradition of craft in society, domesticity and its importance in contemporary art culture today. I am also interested in the sustainability of and the environmental issues behind textile production.

I have experience in professional teaching environments including pre-school, primary, secondary, college and adult learning. This also includes private tutoring in fine art practice and theory.


Recent film work includes collaborations with Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, filming and editing promotional videos (2016).

Currently I am working alongside another local artist on a commission funded by Arts Council England (2017)

My Hobby KAE Films Viktoria Nemes

Viktória Nemes, MSc, PhD Student

 ~ External researcher, graphic designer, portrait artist


I am a PhD Student at the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences at the University of Pécs, Hungary from September, 2015. I am specialised in landscape and environmental geography, but my research topic is the ’gender inequality, the changes of sex ratio in space and time in India’. I am also interested in the religions of India, environmental protection and in the geography of water (water scarcity, water management and pollution).

I have successfully participated in several Erasmus Intensive Programmes, CEEPUS and Campus Hungary Programmes (e.g. Salzburg, Austria; Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Opole, Poland; Zadar, Osijek, Croatia) and had a short term excursion in Iceland, as well.

I worked as a demonstrator at the Department of General and Applied Environmental Geography, Asia Centre and the Department of Soil Science and Climatology. I gained experiences as a librarian as well at the Library of the Institute of Geography. I was also involved in cadastral surveys for the Duna-Dráva National Park, in several cultural events as a henna painter and assistant organiser, too.

I am interested in other bits of science and had studied biology for 3 years and I also studied theology at the Theological School of Pécs.

My hobbies include hiking, painting, drawing, photographing and oriental dancing.

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