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Research and survey

Frugeo GRI is passionate about geography and can carry out researches to find answers regarding scientific questions. We are able to find information and analyse data by using academic methods. We have experience in any kind of physical, human and also integrating geographical researches or surveys. See our on-going research project with GLS.

Students always need help!

One of our aims is to help the younger generation develop their knowledge not just in a subject matter of their choice, but how to collect data effectively, record, and process results for a survey/research project they may be completing. Frugeo can help students any age and at any level with academic research projects, for example:

Our services to help your research:

We can also offer these services to

Our professional competency:

If you are interested in having data or research collected for a subject that is not stated above, please let us know what you are looking for and we will be happy to help. ● ●